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Course assessment is based on three multiple-choice exams: a first mid-term exam (MT1), a second mid-term exam (MT2) and a final exam (FIN). The total score is calculated as a weighted sum of the three exam scores as follows:

Total Score = 0.3×MT1 + 0.3×MT2 + 0.4×FIN.

A grade is assigned from this score from the table below:

95-100                  AA   

90-94                    BA+                       

85-89                    BA                          

80-84                    BB+                       

75-79                    BB                          

70-74                    CB+                        

65-69                    CB                           

60-64                    CC+                      

55-59                    CC                          

50-54                    DC                         

45-49                    DD                         

40-44                    FD                           

<40                       FF                          

Not attendant        NA                        

The topics covered in each exam vary from semester to semester depending on the exam dates determined by the department and delays from public holidays.

The basic rule is that an exam can cover any topic that has been taught in class.

Homework, and short questions given in class are good examples of the type of questions you will be faced with in the exams.